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Image by Meritt Thomas

Our Invitation

We are here to explore what 'being regenerative' truly means on both a personal and professional level.


We are here to ask great questions and to see what emerges.

We are here to explore the connections and synergies that exist between different sectors, industries and professions.

We are here to learn new skills, connect with new friends and nurture our creativity and curiosity for all that life and nature can teach us.

We are here to find a balance between living in the city that we love, whilst also having access to community and nature in the countryside. 

We are here to relearn how to thrive as humans through the practice of creating art in nature.


We are here to envision and build a new economy that not only sustains us but also regenerates the land around us.

We are here to weave together an incredible ecosystem of regenerative practices, projects and places.

We are here to step into true collaboration and build together what we cannot build alone.

If you feel the calling to step into this enchanted adventure with us then please complete this form and then we will send you a payment link and ticket confirmation.

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