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About Us

Enchanted is a non-profit organisation that partners with nature locations to host co-created community events


Our Purpose

Create Magic Together

Our Vision

To enchant the world through the events we host and the places we transform together


Theory of Change

To be ‘enchanted’ is to step inside a new story of a hopeful future. 

Throughout history human civilisation has been shaped and transformed by stories. Stories enable us to tap into our greatest gifts; our creativity and our empathy. If we are to build a more regenerative future for all, we first must break free of the old stories that are so engrained in our culture and begin to imagine something new. 

Enchantment is a state of being and knowing that is created when we immerse ourselves in nature and allow ourselves to be curious and conscious of the magic of life that is within and around us. This is how we enable change; through hosting events that create inspiration and hope; through building regenerative villages that enable more people to live in harmony with nature; through all the incredible projects that we have yet to imagine.


Our events will encourage you to step into a hopeful future and explore new ways of living and being. We invite you to choose your own adventure and actively participate in the production of the event. 

Our events will celebrate magic-realism, immersiveness and interactivity. They will be our source of (co)creativity and the seeds of our culture. 


Our events will inspire a sense of wonder and a spirit of playfulness and possibility. They will spark new friendships, new ideas and new collaborations.

Our events will create a space for deep dialogue around the interconnected themes of health, food, farming, fashion, education, housing, finance, energy, politics, community and business.


We dream of a lifestyle where we can travel by train or bike from city to city and village to village, attending magical events and working on meaningful creative and regenerative projects together.

What begins with an event can quietly and quickly grow into an ecosystem of places, projects and people who work together in new decentralised organisations to transform the real world for the better.

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