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A Co-created Gathering about all things Regenerative!

Wed 3rd - Sun 7th July 2024

Enchanted weaves together the best elements of a festival, a conference and a retreat.

A festival is filled with spontaneous moments, a magical atmosphere and the celebration of music, arts and embodiment. A conference is about high quality knowledge sharing and networking. A retreat is about nature connection, learning and personal transformation, which creates a deeper level of connection and intimacy within a group. Together we will be weaving all these elements into an 'enchanting' community building experience.

Enchanted is about looking at complex and often overwhelming problems with renewed energy, hope and imagination.

Over many decades and centuries we have elevated the rational and intellectual above all other types of knowledge, whilst also teaching that we should mistrust the evidence of our physical senses. In doing so, we lost that sense of wonder, awe and belonging to the Earth that we felt when we were children. What if we could dedicate a week each year to bring a bit more enchantment into our lives? To remind ourselves of the beauty, magic and meaning that exists all around us.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."


- Albert Einstein


Our Schedule

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 16.13.56.png
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 16.13.32.png

We have taken onboard feedback from last year and added an extra day as well as longer sessions with more focus on building a single co-created programme which we all experience together. We are crafting a programme that allows time for stillness, spaciousness, childlike wonder, embodiment, nature connection, dialogue around personal challenges, creative expression as well as collective visioning and storytelling.

Enchantment is about being fully present in the world.

To be 'enchanted' is to experience a profound and whole-hearted participation in the adventure of life. The enchanted life is one which is intuitive, embraces wonder and fully engages the creative imagination - but is also deeply embodied, ecological, grounded in place and community.


Join Us

What creates the magic of any event is the mix of people who choose to attend.  We would like to first invite you to share your story and tells us why your would like to participate in our gathering. We are intending to curate a balanced group of participants with a variety of interests, skills, and backgrounds that are united in creating regenerative solutions for ourselves and our planet. 

Feedback from last year's gathering...

Enchanted felt deeply nourishing, hopeful and inspiring. It is great to see so many pioneers concretely showing what it means to live and work regeneratively.

- Jean-Philippe Steeger


Enchanted was a magical place that had the world start to make more sense to me, meeting other people with such like minded work or mindsets .. and setting a platform for me to have more conviction into my work and life in the regenerative field. 

- Rachel Sheila Kan


An experience of deep time where slowness and spaciousness teach you what regenerative really means.

- Nicole Reese


At the Enchanted Gathering 2023 we came together in the name of regeneration to share knowledge and ideas and to connect with other changemakers around the globe. It as a really well facilitated gathering. The organisers managed to bring together an open-minded community with strong shared values. Leaving me motivated to follow my path and curious about all the new things I learned and was able to experience about Community Building, Deep Democracy, Embodies Relating, Circular Economy, Coliving & finding home, Trauma Work, Music and so much more... Looking forward to the next year!

- Anja von Emden

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2023 Showreel

Enchanted is a co-created experience that engages body, spirit and mind.


Where are we gathering?

Enchanted will be hosted at Selgars Estate in Devon. We have agreed a two year lease and option to buy with the owner, which means that the ideas that we explore together during this event can grow into real projects and experiments. We can come back again and again to host retreats and celebrations, grow our own food and maybe even build our own homes and live here permanently as a community one day.

Enchanted is more than just an event - it is an invitation to envision what Selgars could become and how we can build a wider mycelium network of regenerative places and projects together. We are building a village and this is your chance to be part of its inception.


Getting to the Venue

high up shot selgars enchanted map.jpg

Join Us

What creates the magic of any event is the mix of people who choose to attend.  We would like to first invite you to share your story and tells us why your would like to participate in our gathering. We are intending to curate a balanced group of participants with a variety of interests, skills, and backgrounds that are united in creating regenerative solutions for ourselves and our planet. 





(If you attended our 2023 Gathering)



(We are limiting the event to a maximum of 80 tickets and will be increasing the ticket price by £50 after 40 ticket have been sold and by another £50 after 60 ticket have been sold)




(Diversity is something we want to put more energy into so that we have a healthy balance of genders, professions and ethnicities. If you can afford it or pay through your company you can pay £450 or £600 and sponsor someone else's ticket)


The prices above include 5 days, 11 meals and free camping. Accommodation is extra and ranges from £50 for a campervan spot to £200 for a private double room.

We are also offering some discounted volunteer tickets. Please contact us by email if you would like to volunteer. 



*Enchanted is also a substance and alcohol free event. We do not allow smoking indoors and will have a designated smoking areas outside.


Co-Creation Timeline

Sep-Nov 2023
We will invite our existing Enchanted community to sign up. 

Nov-Feb 2024
We will open registration to our wider circles. 

Mar-July 2024
We will invite participants who have signed up into a co-creation process and begin to design the flow of the themed sessions.


Please arrive before 3pm on Wednesday 3rd July 2024 so that we are all present for the start of the gathering. 

"Enchantment is the oldest form of healing"


- Carl G Jung


About Us

We are a non-profit community organisation that partners with nature locations to host community events and build regenerative villages.

Enchanted will embody and honour the values set out by Regens Unite

We (re)connect

As humans, we are a part of nature. We are connected with our environment, with our bodies and with each other. We are aware of the environmental impact of our actions and act consciously.

We all contribute

Participants and organisers are all considered equal members and contributors to the event and the Regens Unite commons. All voices are equally important in the conversation and we share responsibility to hold a regenerative space.

We regen

We leave the event feeling rejuvenated and we leave the venue and location in a better state after being there. We support local producers, source what we need from the local economy, and ensure that we utilize the budget with a focus on minimalism and usefulness.

We embrace diversity

We invite people from a wide variety of regen backgrounds. We make the event accessible for everyone to come, including locals, parents and people who need to travel and take time off to participate. The attendee list and schedule are curated to ensure balance, diversity, and space for underrepresented voices.

We cross-pollinate

The focus of this event is to bring humans from various regenerative backgrounds & perspectives together for intimate, thought-provoking exchanges as well as rejuvenating experiences. We create a safe and curious atmosphere through nurturing the relational fabric and community-wide rituals. From this connection, we can bravely explore new ways to regenerate and meet each other beyond labels and biases.



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We are bringing together organisations from different industries to explore what it means to be regenerative and how together we can build a more regenerative future.

"Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists - with it all things are possible."


- Ida Tarbell

Photos & Film by @connorsailes @rachelmann20 @antonchernikov

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